Author: Mason Lerner

Mason Lerner is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Swack.News. He has written for, ESPN the Magazine and the Associated Press. He currently covers information technology for He has a strong background in daily journalism as a former reporter for the Galveston County Daily News, business editor for the Killeen Daily Herald and small business columnist for the Houston Chronicle. Lerner also writes and draws comic books. Check out to see his art.
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The Best of Reddit; Hairy Ass Princess Tattoo Story

A lot of sites collect “best of lists” from Reddit, and that’s awesome. It’s usually curated comedy gold. I plan on doing some of that too. But I thought it also be cool to throw together some of my favorite Reddit stories in cartoon form.
It didn’t take me long to find this one. It was the first one that came up when I did a search for funny tattoo stories. It made me lol irl for real, so I decided not to make things to complicated. I wanted something that could be a cool quickie cartoon, and I found something that made me laugh and offered an easy yet amazing visual.
So without any more preamble, I give you the hairy assed Indian Princess:…

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Land of the RIZIN Sun; Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall Talks About Move from UFC to Japan

Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall is about to do some crazy shit. And that’s saying something for a guy who has been a professional fighter since he was 18, ran with a gang marauding rich kids called the Lords of South County who were basically Hawaiian surf asshole versions of the socs from The Outsiders and has gone toe to toe with the man many consider to be…