A Win for Roy Moore is NOT a Win for Democrats

A Roy Moore Victory is a Win for GOP/Trump

I had a Facebook conversation with a friend on Election Night. The friend is an economics professor at a top university. I won’t say which one to protect his identity. I’ll just say that unless you went there, you probably hate their basketball team. And if you went there and your name is Cherokee Parks, you probably hate their basketball team anyway.

But that’s far from the point.

The point is that on that night I mentioned to him that it was time to face the fact that Republicans are dominating Democrats in elections across the board. The idea that the truth tends to have a liberal bias turned out to be false. At least in the sense that the notion that the country’s changing demographics meant Republicans could no longer win national elections turned out to be bunk.

They can. They just needed to find the right reality show lunatic to do it. And now that the formula is out there, there’s no reason they can’t do it again.

So when I argued that Democrats need to take a step back and rethink the party’s approach to winning elections because it just lost to Donald J. Trump, he asked me,”So you’re saying you think that everything we believed about politics just yesterday is wrong?”

A year later, most Democrats are still so far behind they haven’t even actually asked themselves that very important question. The answer is “Yes,” by the way. I was able to admit it to myself. Other Democrats might want to examine the possibility too.

Just look at a sampling of headlines proclaiming a Roy Moore victory as a loss for Trump/the GOP and a win for Democrats:

Politico: Why Democrats win Even if they lose in Alabama

Newsday: Even if Roy Moore Wins, it’s a loss for GOP

USA Today: Alabama race a no-win situation for Republicans

I’ll stop at three. But rest assured, there are hundreds of similar pieces explaining why a Roy Moore victory is actually a loss for the GOP and a victory for Democrats. Lol.

As we all know. Republicans own the White House, Senate and Congress. There are 34 Republican governors. Democrats lost around 1,000 seats in state legislatures during the Obama years. You can crow about the popular vote all you want, but by any metric that’s an ass kicking.

That was a lot of preamble, and I definitely buried the lede. But the bottom line is that no matter how much Democrats and the media want a Roy Moore win to be a loss for the GOP and President Trump, it’s just not. It’s a victory for them. And not a Pyrrhic victory. Just another boot to buns in what is now an almost decade long ass beating.

Democrats need to stop saying that losses are wins. The closer than it should have been loss in the Georgia special election was a loss. The gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia were wins. That’s how it works. A win is a win.  A loss is a loss. At this point, there is no room for moral victories.

Electing an alleged child molester in Alabama isn’t going to lead to a Blue Wave in 2018. It will not hurt Trump. He’s already president. He’s playing with house money at this point. All a Moore victory for Moore will do is give Trump another easy “aye” voter in the Senate. It also makes him that much harder to impeach.

It’s not a win for the Democrats. Republicans in Red States aren’t suddenly going to go blue because of Roy Moore. We live in an age where people vote on party lines, period. People don’t seem to care if it’s a child molester, slice of day old Papa Johns or a Russian dictator that they’re voting for as long as once in office, the newly elected official supports their supposed values.

Seriously, how hard will it be for Generic Incumbent in a Red State to say,”I condemn Senator Moore” or “I support Senator Moore,” depending on what they think their voters want to hear? Throw in a few “A vote for Generic Dem is a vote for Hillary’s agenda,” and they will do just fine.

Sorry, but it’s true.

If Democrats want to see a Blue Wave in 2018, they can’t depend on Trump’s incompetence or mendacity. The party needs to build a platform that clearly explains how it will make the lives of Americans better. Nothing short of that is going to change a damn thing.

A Doug Jones win on the other hand. Well, that would be something to work with.


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