Roy Moore Yearbook Fallout; 10 Second Analysis

Roy Moore Senate Saga Takes Another Bizarre Yearbook Turn

The following is in no way an endorsement of Alabama GOP senate candidate Roy Moore. The official Swack.News stance is that even if he isn’t a child molester, he still has no business being in contention for anything except for a swift kick in the nuts from all registered voters. But this is America in 2017,  so he’s somehow a serious candidate.

A lot of Democrats are holding out hope that Doug Jones will take the Alabama senate seat that opened up when Jeff Sessions became Attorney General. While Democrats are about a year and a half behind in assessing the current political climate in the US, it’s easy to understand why they would think their guy could beat an accused child molester.

Unfortunately, one of his accusers, Beverly Young Nelson, admitted today that she altered a yearbook inscription she claimed Moore wrote to her in 1977. This is the Swack.News political team’s 10 second analysis of the fallout:

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