The News in 10 Seconds; Al Franken is Toast Edition, 12/7/17

The News in 10 Seconds: Obamacare Up; Al Franken Down

I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing the news in 10 seconds for a little bit now. I finally realized I was overthinking it. Just do it, baby. I mean, it takes 10 seconds.

Anyway the plan is to do this every day. We at Swack.News assume that you are probably stupid. Don’t be offended. All news orgs pretty much assume as much. But here at Swack.News, we’re honest about it. And just because we think you are stupid, doesn’t mean we want you to look stupid.

Just knowing these three or four things, some well timed head nods and the occasional “mmm-hmm” should keep you from embarrassing yourself at the water cooler today.

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