Batman Ninja Trailer; Five Reasons It’s Automatically Better than Justice League

Batman Ninja Trailer Restores Bat-Honor

It’s no secret that DC’s animated films are a lot more badass than the company’s cinematic universe. And it would be low hanging fruit to pick on Ben Affleck for ruining the Dark Night for a new generation of potential fans, but that’s what he did. We live in a world where Deadpool and Antman are more profitable at the box office than Batman or Superman.

Think about that. And then when you’re done, watch the trailer for Batman Ninja:

Now there are probably 1,000 reasons this trailer is more exciting then anything the DC cinematic universe has going on. But for now we will focus on five reasons this film will automatically be better than Justice League:

It has the words “Batman” and “Ninja” in the title.
In fact, that’s the entire fucking title. Has there ever been anything with “ninja” in the title that wasn’t completely awesome? Anybody who has ever watched Mafia vs Ninja already knows the answer to that.

Prior to Affleck taking over the cowl, that had been true of Batman for a good long while. Granted, the stench of Batman Forever will stank like unwashed monkey ass for all of eternity, but still, Batman is a pretty hard property to fuck up so royally.

So it’s a relief to see some of the top creators in Japan sprinkling some ninja spice onto the Caped Crusader.

It’s not a commercial for future spinoffs

This is a story about Batman. He goes back to feudal Japan and does ninja shit all over the Joker’s face. And that should be enough for anybody who loves superheroes and/or ninjas. Which is literally everybody.

It’s not a focus group exercise to figure out if Cyborg can carry a feature film (lol). Nobody is gonna be sitting there wondering if there is going  to be a Redhood Ninja. Of course, that’s shouldn’t be necessary. There should obviously be a Redhood Ninja.

Still, it’s nice to see Bats in a film that’s actually a Batman film. And not, you know, a Superman film.

Feudal Ninja Harley Quinn

Any iteration of Harley automatically makes any film better than Justice League. Sadly, that includes Suicide Squad. 


The Bat Family

For various reasons, Justice League doesn’t include all of the members of the original JLA. Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter are nowhere to be found, replaced by Cyborg. On the one hand, Cyborg is a black character, and DC certainly has some problems in the diversity department. That can happen when your biggest properties were created in the 1930’s. The problem is Cyborg is really best known as a Teen Titan.

He’s been in the comic book JLA for almost 10 years now, but that’s like the 90 day trial period you get on any job in comic book time. Meanwhile Batman Ninja will feature Nightwing, Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, Alfred and Catwoman. The true Bat Family.

In a company known for it’s legacy heroes, tradition means a lot. Batman Ninja looks like it will carry that torch.

Zack Snyder is not involved

That speaks for itself and says it all.