Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israeli Capital; Reaction from Israel

President Donald Trump informed his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas that he plans on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Predictably this led to a lot of kicking and screaming from the Palestinian president and plenty of (sometimes) understandable teeth gnashing around the globe. But what’s the reaction inside of Israel?

Lets take a look at what the internet is telling us so far:

Do they think it will lead to increased violence in the near future? Duh.

According to, security officials are on high alert:

Defense establishment officials stress that the Palestinian leadership’s harsh comments against the possible American move have yet to cross the line and push the Palestinian street towards acts of violence, but say the line could be crossed in an instant even without the Palestinian Authority’s encouragement. The fiery atmosphere in the Palestinian media could spur lone-wolf attacks, stabbing attacks and acts of terror by independent cells even before an American announcement.

In the dark humor/not so veiled threat category, Israeli Arab MK Aymen Odeh called Trump a “pyromaniac.”Israeli Arab MK Aymen Odeh called Trump a “pyromaniac.” It’s worth noting that arson has been a key tool of Palestinian terrorists in Israel over the last year.

“Trump is a pyromaniac and could ignite the whole region in his madness.”

“If the Israeli government wants the world to recognize West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, all it has to do is recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, “he said.

According to the far right, Likud ministers hope Trump makes the change ASAP:

“I hope that an absurd situation will end,” Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party told Israel Radio.

He argued that when US presidents came to Israel, they went to Jerusalem and not Tel Aviv.

Environment Minister Ze’ev Elkin, who also holds the Jerusalem affairs portfolio, told Army Radio that there was “no logical reason for this transfer to be postponed again.”

Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, he said, “may convince other countries to do the same.”

From the other side of the aisle, 25 former Israeli, diplomats, academics and peace activists sent a letter to Trump’s Mideast peace envoy Jason Greenblatt slamming the decision:

The letter was written on behalf of The Policy Working Group, an organization of Israeli activists with diplomatic, academic, political and media backgrounds, including former Israeli diplomats such as Ilan Baruch, Alon Liel and Elie Barnavi. The group wrote Greenblatt that “we are deeply concerned by recent reports that President Trump is seriously considering the announcement of his decision to unilaterally recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.”

“The status of Jerusalem, the city that houses the holy sites of the three monotheistic religions, lies at the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and must be determined within the context of resolving that conflict,” the letter continued.

So far there has been no word from Jared Kushner, who was supposed to be Trump’s go to guy on Mideast peace.