One Down, Al to Go; Rep. John Conyers Retires

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich) announced he will be retiring today in the wake of several accusations of sexual harassment. The 88 year-old Democrat announced his retirement on a local radio show.

Conyers, an accused serial booty and booby grabber, remained defiant during the interview, never once admitting wrong doing. He also said his “legacy” will be carried out by his family. His son and nephew might be duking it our for his vacant seat, so hopefully he meant his political legacy. No matter who wins, they’ll have to (allegedly) grab much ass to build a body of work that compares to theĀ paterfamilias.

While it’s nice to see one congressman have to pay a price for alleged harassment, one still has to wonder why Sen. Al Franken (D-Mich) isn’t facing the same scrutiny. Although Franken is in the classic “I’ve made mistakes that I won’t fully admit to, but I’m working to win back your trust” mode, he was accused by another woman just last week.

If Democrats want any moral high ground on women’s issues, now is the time to lay the foundation that can carry the party over the next several decades. Allowing this to slide to insure one more Democratic vote in the Senate is short term thinking that will bite them in the ass like a drunken US Senator in the long term

In order for the Democratic party to thrive going forward, it needs to make examples of men like Al Franken. A black man was just pressured into stepping down in the face of similar accusations. Why isn’t the same pressure being put on Senator Franken?

What do you think? Should Senator Franken be asked to step down?



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